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Desire for a health-conscious lifestyle has become a part of most people’s lives. We would like to satisfy our guests’ requirements and needs at the highest standard possible because we feel that our hotel may offer you an island of peace and complete harmony.

Why is it good to use the sauna, how to use sauna?

It a well-known fact that sauna has beneficial effects on the human body. It improves blood-circulation, strengthens the immune system and purifies the skin. However, when using the sauna it is worth devoting time to sauna bathing itself as well as resting afterwards.

A normal and peaceful event of sauna bathing comprises of 3 or 4 turns, and takes for approximately ninety minutes. First, always take a shower in order to remove the greasy film on your skin, then dry yourself with a towel because water on the skin surface may hinder further sweating and evaporation. If the sauna has benches located at different levels, choose the most suitable for you. At the lower benches temperature is lower, while in the upper benches it is higher. After 10-15 minutes, take another shower, and step into the plunge pool. When your body is cooled, always take a few minutes’ break, and replace the lost fluids by drinking still water, pure fruit juice, or herbal or fruit tea. Never drink alcohol when sauna bathing!

Traditional Finnish sauna is the most popular sauna type in the world. In Scandinavian countries, the popular sauna is a traditional way of detoxification. The basic aim of sauna is to heat the body, then cause it to sweat, and in this way enhance its detoxification. Our sauna, which is operated by electric heaters, can be used by six people at a time, and a plunge pool has also been constructed right in front of it.

Naturist that is naked use of the sauna is the most ancient method of sauna use. Experts agree that the sauna should be used without any clothes, using a single towel only. If sauna bathing is performed without any clothes on, it is easier to remove dirt and toxins from the surface of the skin which leaves the body through the skin.

In Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness**** a Finnish sauna cabin has been constructed for the lovers of naturist sauna.

Infrared rays heat the body from inside, dilate blood vessels, enhance blood circulation, and the toxic substances are removed from the body together with the sweat, in this way infrared sauna has an enhanced detoxicating effect. The advantage of infrared sauna is that it is operated at a lower temperature, thus allowing guests to spend a longer time in the sauna.
Ice chamber is destined to cool and invigorate the warm body. Ice treatment is normally applied after sauna bathing, when its touch is gentle and refreshing. The use of crushed ice improves blood circulation and has beneficial effects on the beauty of the skin.
Salty air is well-known for its beneficial effects. The gentle air of salt mines is widely recommended as a treatment of patients with respiratory diseases including asthma. In our imposing salt room, salty air is evaporated in an optimal concentration: evaporation of the salt blocks provides a moisture content of 70-85%. The salt eliminates dangerous substances from the air including pollens and dust, and as a result, the air inhaled here is clean and refreshing. Salt room treatment is recommended for a period of 30-40 minutes on a daily basis.
Our tepidarium is a chamber where the temperature of the air slightly exceeds that of the human body, the humidity of which is 30-40% in an ideal case, and the air is filled with fragrances.  With the regular use of the aromatherapy, cardiovascular and cold-related diseases may also be prevented. It is important to know that the tepidarium does not impose unnecessary burden on the body, therefore our guests may use this treatment for an unlimited period of time.


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