Sauna Ceremony


Sauna ceremony is a ritual when a sauna master performs “rituals” by pouring different aromas on the rocks.

The essence of the ritual is that the sauna master gradually heats the cabin by pouring aromatic water to the sauna stove. In the meantime, with the help of a towel he moves the hot air around to improve ventilation in the cabin, and in this way our guests may not only feel the beneficial effects of the hot air of the sauna, but the fragrances also “tickle” their senses.

The duration of a ceremony is 12-15 minutes.

After the ceremony, our guests may ask for a fresh lemonade from the sauna master.

Price: 690 HUF / person / ceremony

Prior appointment is required, for more information contact the swimming pool attendant!

Honey binds water and nourishes the skin, which as a result will become fresh and as soft as velvet. In addition, the antibacterial effect of honey purifies and calms the skin. During the honey séance, after a short period of pre-sweating when the skin is prepared, guests salve their wet body with honey.  As a result of the heat, the honey turns into liquid, and is absorbed easily through the widened pores, thus enhancing the metabolism of the skin. It is an efficient treatment for skin pollution, acnes, minor scars, and it also nourishes and calms the skin. At the end of the séance, our guests feel their skin refreshed, silky and smell like scented honey. At the end of the séance, the sauna master serves every guest a glass of honey-sweetened lemon drink.
After a short period of pre-sweating guests rub their skin with refined marine salt. Marine salt used as a natural body scrub helps our guests to remove swollen and dead skin cells, and in this way to make their skin firmer. Marine salt also reactivate the sweat glands, thus improving detoxification of the body. It contains numerous trace elements and minerals, which are absorbed easily into the skin through the widened pores. Marine salt refreshes and firms the skin, and reduces the traces of cellulites. At the end of the séance, the sauna master serves every guest a glass of ice-cold refreshment.
Our guests receive a menthol candy before entering the sauna, which they can consume during the séance.  After a short period of pre-sweating, the sauna master puts ice cubes to the stove, and sprinkles menthol-based water to the stones thus enhancing widening of the pores. The combined fragrance of candy and menthol refreshes the skin, and purifies the respiratory system. At the end of the séance, the sauna master serves every guest a glass of lemonade.
The sauna master pours fresh coffee to the sauna stones, the luscious fragrance of which can be felt immediately in the sauna. After a period of intensive sweating, our guests refresh their body with ice cubes. The caffeine content of the coffee has a direct impact on lymph circulation, thus toxins are removed together with excess water. It helps to prevent formulation of fat molecules, therefore reducing the unpleasant symptoms of cellulite, and makes the skin firmer. At the end of the séance, the feeling of pleasure can be further enhanced by drinking a cup of fresh milk coffee served by the sauna master.
Relax with our calming and refreshing fragrances, and leave the stress of everyday life behind. The infusion is based on lavender oil and camomile. This infusion is an efficient treatment for regeneration, stress, inflammatory skin diseases, cellulite, stretch marks, digestive disorders, insomnia, depression, headaches and asthma. It also surmounts the beneficial effects of other medicinal herbs. At the end of the séance, our guests are served a cup of herb tea.
Our sauna master mix the sauna water with the exotic fragrance of Mediterranean fruits, moves the air evenly in the sauna, and serves lemon flavoured ice to the guests. The lemon-scented infusion makes the guests delighted; it is an efficient treatment for infectious diseases, has antiseptic effects, and enhances concentration. Furthermore, it also improves functioning of the kidneys, and reduces headache. At the end of the séance, the sauna master serves sliced fruits to the guests.

Although it would be really nice to drink a glass of cold beer in the hot sauna, this time beer combined with sauna water is poured under the hot sauna stones, the fragrance of which fills the room almost immediately.  The scent of freshly-baked bread is combined with the fragrance of malt and nice barley. The vitamin B content of beer gets absorbed easily in the skin through the widened pores, and also nourishes the body with vitamin D. At the end of the séance, our guests are served a glass of cold beer.
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