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The determinant element of Balneo Hotel Zsori is the Zsóry medicinal water which comes to the hotel directly from Zsóry thermal bath and spa. Zsóry medicinal water is deservedly mentioned among the most famous medicinal waters of Hungary. The sulphurous effect of the medicinal water can be attributed to its calcium, magnesium, chloride, hydro-carbonate and sulphide ion content.

Thanks to this high mineral and chemical content, Zsóry medicinal water can be successfully used as treatment for various diseases.

The chemical composition of Zsóry medicinal water

In 1968 the Ministry of Health certified the water of thermal wells No I and II discovered in 1937 as medicinal water, and declared Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa as a medicinal bath of national significance in 1983 (1983/239 I/28).

Due to its calcium, magnesium and hydro-carbonate content, the Zsóry medicinal water reduces inflammation. Its high chloride content increases the resistance of the body, and has invigorating and general intensifying effects.

Sulphur is absorbed through the skin, and due to its vasodilator effects it decreases blood-pressure, improves circulation in the blood vessels, including the coronary arteries and the sulphur-content of the vein walls, thus decreasing their cholesterol contents and the danger of arteriosclerosis. Sulphurous baths reduces inflammation. They stimulate respiration and improve metabolism. The medicinal water can be successfully used as a treatment for the following diseases and symptoms: joint inflammation, degenerative spinal and rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, degenerative backache, degenerative disc diseases, diseases of the upper respiratory system, accidents, after-care of injuries of orthopaedic operations.
The use of Zsóry medicinal water is not recommended for children, and people suffering from thrombosis, Basedow-diseases, severe tuberculosis, malignant tumours, cardiovascular disorders, cardiac failure, bronchial asthma, hypertonia, airway inflammation, flu or infectious diseases.

For more information on the chemical composition of the Zsóry medicinal water of Mezőkövesd, click here.

Medical treatments built on the medicinal water – Balneotherapy

Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness **** pays special attention to provide our guests with the opportunity to pamper not only their body and soul by enjoying the beneficial effects of Zsóry medicinal water, but also to preserve their health. Our medicinal water can be successfully used for the prevention or treatment of several diseases, after-care of wounds or rehabilitation. The medical treatment recommended by your physician or our rheumatologist can make the process of regeneration or rehabilitation complete.
Our medical packages provide you the opportunity to participate in shorter or longer medical treatments under a physician’s supervision, and to receive professional consultation or medical check upon your request outside the package. For more information, please contact the reception.

In the separate Balneotherapy section of Balneo Hotel Zsori several treatments can be performed simultaneously as there are 2 rooms equipped with bath tubs, 2 rooms with tangentor and 5 rooms for special medical massage. Balneotherapy is used a synonym for healing by making use of the beneficial effects of water. In our hotel, the brand name Balneo Teraphy refers to our high-quality medical services and the conscious use of Zsóry medicinal water.


Balneotherapies constitute part of our Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness**** packages.

Our treatments for guests wishing to recover:

  • Rheumatologic examination
  • Examination of the locomotor system
  • Underwater massage (tangentor)
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Medical massages
  • Special packs
  • Electric treatments 
  • Short wave, microwave and decimetre wave therapies
  • Electrotherapies

Zsóri Thermal Bath and Spa and the Locomotive Disease Rehabilitation Centre are located only 80 metres from the hotel, where any rheumatism or complete balneo and physiotherapy treatments may be used after prior arrangement.

For more information on the costs of additional treatments, please contact our colleagues.

If you request medical examination or test, please indicate your request upon reservation.

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