Team Building


Due to its various services, favourable location and the outstanding opportunities of the area, Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermal & Wellness**** provides an ideal venue for team building trainings.







Games without frontiers

There used to be a television game show, loved by everyone. The program tries to evoke the best parts of the legendary show where the teams can feel the unique atmosphere of one of the most successful Europe-wide games through fantastic and grandiose competitions. They measure their strength, courage and stamina on land, in water and also in air. The aim is to provide a feeling of relaxation and experience!

Geocaching “light”

Participants may be engaged in exciting programs, slightly different from traditional geocaching. Instead of GPS devices, it is traditional orientation, the ability to follow instructions exactly and to use the compass appropriately and adequately in particular that help the team members to solve the tasks. The aim is to discover all the boxes! Tic-tac....against the clock!

Night adventure tour

The program is destined for night owls especially, who are not afraid of the darkness of the night forest. The mystical night provides unforgettable experiences. Naturally, it is a good idea to follow the right way. Real adventure program filled with excitement for the lovers of the night forest!

Mysterious puzzle detective program

During the mysterious detective program, every participant will experience detectives’ life filled with excitement. However, during the game, the focus is on the excited side of their stressful lives. The members of the teams must cooperate in the most efficient way possible in order to obtain more information, and solve the puzzle in the end!


It is a well-known fact that charity makes people happy. It is simply good for both sides. It is another factor that it builds communities from a completely different perspective. During our charity programs we create real miracles with the power of working together. Touching experiences are waiting for you!


Paintball/Laser battle

Extreme adventures in the field called “Town ruins” of the MK Paintball located only 10 minutes’ drive from the hotel. Paintball may also be played in the immediate neighbourhood of the hotel by mounting a mobile playing ground (with a 3 metre-tall head-net and 10 inflatable covers). For laser battles no special field is required, thus it can be played anywhere.

The miracle of the third dimension

Floating on air or flying above the clouds happily feels as if you watched the landscape on a widescreen plasma TV from high above. Among extreme sports, flying must be the most determinant for us. Flying in a hot air balloon, ultra-light and powered planes, being suspended from a hot air balloon are all unimaginable intuitions! Experience them with us!

Off-road adventure filled with adrenaline

The smell of petrol vapour produces extreme level of adrenaline. We start from the basics and test where physical and mental borders are, when and how we can rely on one another, and what the joint power and joint work of the team is like. Off-road adventures on quad, segway and shredder! Adventure is guaranteed for everyone!


Sherlock investigates

Mysterious, exciting and unique team-building game. Somebody has inherited a fortune. But who is it? Is it the pet, the fortune teller or the gardener? Throughout the game, it is not only fortune that matters! In this realistic game, the counters are the members of the team themselves. Who remains standing at the end, and who is the real heir?

All the world’s a stage

The participants become real actors and a real theatre is born during the playful program. The players receive accessories, special words, expressions and collocations to use. The role-playing game turns to a realistic play, and after casting and preparation a mysterious and mystical miracle happens.

Within and outside the comfort zone

During this game, the participants’ aim is to discover mysterious secrets and clues, for which cooperation between the team is absolutely necessary. The program involves a series of exciting games within the comfortable surroundings of the hotel. We guarantee that stepping outside the comfort zone will incite joy, excitement, and the birth of a real team!


Would you like a DJ, live music or a karaoke party? Spend enjoyable evenings with us! If you wish to select the music show that suits your event best, request our specialized offer.

Casino evening

Try your fortune for an exciting evening! We evoke the fantastic atmosphere of world-famous casinos in the hotel.

Kettle party – cooking competition on the terrace

Four teams are invited to compete for the title of Balneo’s Honourable Chef”. The aim of the program is to prepare the most delicious Hungarian goulash, and defeat the other teams. The hotel provides the teams with the ingredients as well as all the equipment required to make the goulash. Our chef will supervise the process, and assess each team’s soup. The winning team will be awarded a certificate and a bottle of Matyó pálinka as a surprise.

Pálinka feast – tuned to the senses

The program starts with a special wellness experience during which pálinka will impact all the senses. In a 15-minute ceremony, our sauna master introduce our guests another side of their favourite spirits. The experience will be completed by a traditional pálinka tasting in the restaurant of the hotel. Try the flavours of the region, and our burning Matyó pálinka!

Excursion and wine tasting in Almagyar Cardinal’s Vineyard

Three people, Ferenc Csutorás, Imre Csernus and Péter Mészáros decided to save the cardinal’s wines: Lelkifröccs, Bevállalod?,Lelkibéke, Érseki Titokbor and other specialities. The best way to discover the vineyard is through an off-road excursion. Our guests explore the most spectacular areas of the historical wine region by driving on adventurous roads, and washing down road dust by tasting the wines of Pajdos and Síkhegy.

Cellar tour, wine tasting and competition to make Blood of the Bull wine

Blood of the Bull according to your taste

The competitors start wine blending in teams of maximum 4 people. Each team receives 1 bottle of Merlot, 1 bottle of Cabernet Franc and 1 bottle of Kékfrankos wine. After tasting the wines, the members of the teams start blending the different wines in accordance with the “winemaker” captain’s instructions. After bottling and labelling, the wines are tasted blind. The winning team is awarded a medal and a certificate.

Joyful cheese-making program

Cheese-makers are delighted people: entertaining professional workshop in 4 hours, which aims to introduce guests to the world and the secrets of cheese-making, and to provide basic knowledge in the possession of which they can prepare some cheese specialities to their beloved ones even at home! Whey testing, gomolya-making, parenica-forming are all available, and guests can prepare cheese desserts or even try their own recipes!

Enjoy the services of our wellness section even outside regular opening hours. With its extended opening hours, our wellness section is at our guests’ service where they can relax after an exhausting workday by receiving stress-releasing massages and participating in special sauna ceremonies.

Safari bus services in the Bükk Mountains

Trip to the breathtaking areas of the Bükkalja and Hór-valley regions on a safari bus with a professional travel guide.

Join our trips, and explore the natural treasures of the North-Hungarian region!


A few examples from Matyó culture and folk traditions listed on the UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Sites:

Brief performance of the Matyó Folk Dance Ensemble

A 25-minute performance with three couples, accompanied by folk music played on CD. Matyó folk costumes with 100 roses, catchy music and talented young dancers who invite the guests for a dance at the end of their performance, and introduce them to the cultural heritage of the Matyó Land in a 15-minute joint folk dance event.

Sightseeing in Mezőkövesd with a professional guide

Visit the Matyó Museum, Hadas town district and craftspeople’ houses with a guide, put on a traditional Matyó costume, ornament Hungarian gingerbreads, prepare embroidered fridge magnet, and so on... Travel back to the time of our ancestors, and learn about the everyday life of or great-grandparents and the traditions of Matyó Land!

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